Keep things simple with our rendering & building project management services

Explore the variety of support services available with Render Texture Panels. Our experts are here to help you undertake any commercial and residential project with ease, ensuring you’re equipped with the right supplies and skilled tradespeople for your preferred system.

Source the best solutions
Maximise cost efficiency
Prevent project delays

Technical Support

From choosing the most appropriate product for a certain substrate to arranging technical specifications for warranty purposes, we’ve got the experience and knowledge to assist with building project management. With our expert onsite support, you and your client can enjoy peace of mind that your project is structured for success.

Plan estimates

Not sure how much paint or render you require? Prepare for your project with a professional plan estimate that saves you time and money. We’re experts at measuring product quantities for all sorts of commercial and residential projects, calculating the estimated amounts needed to achieve the results you’re after.

Colour matching & tinting

Find the precise shade you’re looking for with our professional paint colour matching system and tinting service. Renowned for the reliable supply of accurate colour in texture finishes and paint products, our trained specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure you get the perfect hue for your project.

Remedial work

Ready to repair your building’s structure, waterproof its walls or restore the facade? We offer professional assistance with all kinds of remedial work across Sydney. From major makeovers to minor fixes, our team is on hand to help you source the right products and tradesperson for the task.

Referral service

Whether you need a painter or plasterer, cement renderer or cladding installer, we’ve got the industry connections to ensure you get the right skills for your needs. With access to hundreds of trusted tradespeople, our free referral service will put you in touch with the most suitable professional for your project.

Product training & certification

Supplement your qualifications and stay up to date on industry offerings with ongoing professional development. We provide product and system-specific training courses to tradespeople throughout Sydney, working alongside our product suppliers to design useful programs that address common areas of uncertainty.

Request a plan estimate today

For paint and render supplies across Sydney, contact the team at Render Texture Panels. We have over 17 years of experience in providing detailed and reliable plan estimates, ensuring the right amount of materials for your project.