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Market leaders since 2002, Render Systems Australia (RSA) manufactures cement-based coating systems designed for professional use over a variety of substrates. Dedicated to delivering quality renders, textured finishes and paint solutions for the construction industry, RSA creates trusted products with guaranteed durability and aesthetic results.

At Render Texture Panels, we offer a range of RSA products to tradespeople throughout the Sydney region. Our specialists are available to help ensure your residential or commercial project is completed to the highest standard with RSA.

Cement-Based Render

RSA cement-based renders are suitable for a range of substrates, such as blocks, brick, EPS and fibre cement sheeting. Available in an off-white or grey base, easy to apply in just one coat and designed for year-round use with superior flexibility, RSA renders offer superior results. Explore the range at Render Texture Panels.

Acrylic Texture

Extend the appearance and longevity of render with a flexible acrylic texture that enhances the finish, protects from the elements and reduces the risk of cracks. Specifically formulated for use over cement and acrylic renders, RSA textures guard against water, salt and dirt while adapting to the regular expansion and contraction of cement. Browse RSA texture finishes available at RTP.

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