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Quantity Estimates

Don’t want to waste money or run out of product?

Get your amount of supplies just right with Render Texture Panels. We’re available to help you plan any commercial and residential project, calculating the estimated product quantities required for your preferred system. Our team are experts at measuring how much paint you need, as well as any rendering materials. Let’s prepare for your project properly.

How much paint do I need?

If you’re wondering how to estimate paint amount, you can get a rough idea by using the following formula: (Surface area / Spreading Rate) X Number of Coats = X Litres. Remember to round up your result so that you have enough paint for future touch ups if required.

Want complete confidence in your paint quantities? Enjoy peace of mind with a reliable exterior and interior painting estimate from the professionals at Render Texture Panels. Our trusted specialists offer paint quantity estimation services across Sydney.

Surface area

Calculate the surface area you plan to paint, excluding any doors, windows and fixtures.

Spreading rate

Check the spreading rate of the paint you want to use. A lower rate means thinner coverage.

Number of coats

Depending on how thick or thin your paint coverage is, you may need several coats for an even finish.

How much render do I need?

The amount of render you’ll need for your project depends on several factors, from surface area or wall dimensions to the total thickness of your scratch, float and finish coats.

Given the precise processes and timelines involved in rendering work, seeking specialist advice before you begin will ensure your project stays streamlined and on track. Whether you’re rendering a single wall or an entire building, our experienced team will make sure you receive the right amount of render mix to get the job done.

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