Remedial Work in Sydney

Repair and restore your building with remedial work you can rely on.

Need to repair or restore your building but not sure where to start? At RTP, we provide expert support with remedial work in Sydney. Whether you’ve noticed cracking, fading or flaking, our team is here to assist you in finding the right solution and tradesperson for the job. From minor aesthetic enhancements to significant structural repairs, you can count on RTP to ensure your remedial building services are carried out to the highest quality.

Take care of your property with remedial building services.

Your property is likely one of your most valuable assets, so it’s important to make sure it stays in top condition. Whether your building has survived a natural disaster, been neglected over time or fallen victim to old age, remedial work can bring you big gains in the future! Discover what you could achieve with specialist support from RTP.

Facade enhancements

Upgrade your property’s curb appeal and boost its market value with a quality restoration to refresh your facade.

Concrete repairs

Fix cracks, spalling and rust before they worsen with concrete treatment methods that will leave your space looking brand new and stronger than ever.

Structural repairs

Address structural issues as soon as possible with specialist support that minimises safety hazards and ensures you comply with all required design codes.

Waterproofing solutions

Prevent structural damage caused by water ingress with the right type of substrate and waterproofing membrane for your project.

Enquire about remedial work services

Ready to repair, renew and protect your property before it’s too late? Contact RTP for professional support with remedial building work in Sydney.