Project Technical Support

Our specialised team has been working closely with renderers and builders across NSW for over 15 years.

That’s why we know the importance in serving not only as a material supplier, but also as a technical advisor. Whether you’re not sure on which product is more suitable for a particular substrate, need a technical specification for warranty purposes or want some help with logistics, we’re here to provide the right advice, documentation and service. With our expert support, you and your client will have more confidence on the outcome of the project.

Site or Office Visits

We understand the challenges in time and resources in coordinating project needs. That’s why we come to you. If you need to consult on design, application, tailored solutions, technical requirements or troubleshooting our team will meet with you on site or in your office at your convenience.

Material Delivery

Whether you have run out of material, need a crane truck or just don’t have time to stop by any of our stores, we provide a delivery Service to fit your needs. We offer same day delivery, Express delivery and crane truck delivery.

Specifications & Warranties

Contact RTP to arrange formal specifications for your individual project. Full system warranties are also available to protect you and your client. Talk to an RTP representative prior to commencing your project and we can facilitate the process.

Request technical support today

For paint and render supplies across Sydney, contact the team at Render Texture Panels. We have over 17 years of experience in providing technical support.