EURO Patch Fine

Euromix® Patch Fine is 100% water based, fine build, topping and patching compound manufactured with premium quality fillers and polymers.

Used as the topping coat, with Euromix® Patch Coarse (the base coat), it provides a strong but flexible, jointing system that is suitable for many render, paint and texture coat finishes over fibre cement and other sheet materials.

Euromix® Patch Fine is ideal for rectification work, facing-up and general preparation of substrates that require a smoother, fine topcoat finish (particularly where paint is to be applied).

Euromix® Patch Fine is suitable for levelling minor surface imperfections, filling cracks, holes, blowholes and other irregularities – up to a maximum of 2mm depth.

Safety Data Sheet
Technical Data Sheet

For external applications it is mandatory that 5-10%, by volume, Portland cement be added to the Euromix® Patch Fine. This should be done in small increments, in a separate bucket. Use mechanical stirring to ensure a smooth homogenous mix. The addition of cement will decrease flexibility and may not be suitable for all applications. Only mix enough product that can be reasonably applied within 1 hour.