ASTEC Ezy-Float Lightweight Marble Render

Ezy-Float Light Weight Marble Render is a polymer modified, mineral based, light weight trowel-on render.  On site mixing requires only the addition of fresh clean water to a desired consistency.  The product is a pre-blended powder mix that contains premium grade crushed marble, Type HE Portland Cement, conforming to Australian Standard 3972 and recycled high density foam
The product is modified with very high levels of flexible polymers and hydrophobic agents that ensure a well adhered flexible render with excellent resistance to water, efflorescence or rising damp.  Ezy-Float Light Weight Marble Render is designed for over-coating with acrylic textures and coatings combining to provide strong inter-coat adhesion.  Ezy-Float Light Weight Marble Render bonds to most mineral and new construction surfaces and exhibits minimal to no drying shrinkage.
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