Parchem Suppliers In Sydney

Having delivered exceptional concrete products and tools to the civil and construction industries for over 50 years, Parchem is trusted throughout Australia for its technical expertise. With manufacturing plants in Victoria and New South Wales, Parchem produces high-quality, high-performance materials designed specifically for our intense climate.

With locations in Northmead, Tempe and Prestons, Render Texture Panels stock Parchem concrete supplies for tradespeople and owner builders throughout the Sydney region. Whatever your project’s scale, our industry specialists are available to help you achieve the perfect result with Parchem.

Concrete Fairing Coat

Mask surface imperfections or render entire sections at up to 3mm thickness with Parchem’s polymer-modified fairing coat. This cement-based mortar is applied in thin layers to smooth masonry or concrete substrates in preparation for protective or decorative top coats. With no need to add a primer or curing membrane, this pre-blended, high bond strength product is designed for ultimate convenience.

Concrete Patch Repair

Whether you need to reinstate vast areas or simply patch repair specific spots, we’ve got the product for you. Parchem Renderoc HB40, HB70 HB40 and HB deliver a consistent, abrasion-resistant solution. Pre-blended and ready for use as soon as water is added, these polymer-modified mortars offer quality handling properties, superior thermal compatibility with concrete and exceptional water repellency. Expect quick strength gain and long-term durability.


Need to prepare your substrate for protective or decorative coatings? Parchem’s solvent-free epoxy bonding agent and primer can be applied to dry or damp substrates in enclosed spaces. Pre-weighed and ready for mixing on-site, its white base and black hardener offer visual guidance that it’s ready for use. Discover the powerful adhesion and mechanical strength of Parchem Nitobond with RTP.

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