NRG Greenboard

NRG Greenboard Suppliers In Sydney

Proud to be 100% Australian owned, NRG Building Systems is the nation’s industry leader in expanded polystyrene (EPS) products. With manufacturing based in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales, this favoured brand is renowned for its wide range of fully-accredited, energy-efficient and cost-effective products.

Render Texture Panels provide a full range of NRG Greenboard, sunhoods and blades to tradespeople and owner builders across Sydney. Whether you’re working on a large-scale commercial project or a subtle home renovation, our experts are here to help you ensure attractive and durable results with NRG systems.

NRG Greenboard

A BAL 29-rated, CodeMark-accredited wall system, NRG Greenboard compliments EPS insulation with exterior cladding to achieve 6-star energy ratings. What’s more, these lightweight wall panels offer superior weather resistance and a smooth rendered finish once coated. Provided as a comprehensive, all-in-one wall system, you’ll get everything you need with NRG Greenboard from RTP.

NRG Sunhoods & Blades

Elevate your building’s contemporary appearance with NRG sunhoods and blades. With a modern minimalist design, simple set up and wide range of coloured textured finishes, these products protect windows and doors from the elements with stylish shade. A one-stop-shop for NRG products, RTP supplies sunhoods and blades to order so that you get the perfect fit for your project.

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