Novacolor Plaster Products In Sydney

Established in Italy in 1982, Novacolor is globally renowned for its chromatic and contemporary finishes. Through meticulous selection of premium raw materials, Novacolor offers a high-quality collection of venetian plasters, paints and seamless wall-to-floor systems.

Each range is manufactured to exceptional standards, ensuring durable and beautiful results. From smooth marmorino to tactile metallics, Render Texture Panels supplies Novacolor plaster products for residential and commercial projects across Sydney. Explore your options today.

Discover Novacolor’s Venetian Plaster Look

Venetian plaster offers the sleek sophistication of marble with the added advantages of cost-effective application and simple maintenance. A classic style used for centuries and available in a variety of mineral finishes, polished plaster will enhance your walls with stunning colours and versatile textures.

Transform Your Space With Plaster Paint

Novacolor Metallics

Designed for easy application on interior and exterior walls, the Novacolor Metallics range delivers a variety of decorative coatings with a luxurious look and feel. From soft pearl shimmer to glistening quartz, these metallic finishes play with light and shadow to create cutting-edge chromatic effects.

Concrete by Novacolor

Ideal for creating an industrial look, this fine plaster coating produces a contemporary concrete effect on exterior walls. Recommended for use over a wide range of surfaces from new renderings and old plasters to paints and plasterboards, this anti-algae acrylic-siloxane finish is designed for long-lasting adherence to most substrates.


Wall2Floor is a range of innovative multi-layer systems designed to achieve seamless surfaces, no matter the project. Suited to both interior and exterior environments, Novacolor Wall2Floor creates a smooth flow of colour and texture throughout your space for ultimate elegance.

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