Frequently Asked Questions
What is rendering?

To render is to coat the exterior or interior surfaces with a layer of cement based, acrylic modified render coating.   Rendering is essential for all jobs as it straightens the wall and gives a flat finish, ready for a texture or paint.

What is a texture?

A texture is a sand based acrylic product that can be tinted to your choice of colour. There are a range of textures, each will give you a different finish. Application method depends on your chosen texture i.e. some textures are trowelled and some are rolled or brushed.

How do I render my house without getting ripped off?

As a homeowner you should always seek qualified tradesmen. It is also in your best interest to get more than one quote.  Make sure the quotes use the same specifications.   Some details you should ask to be included in your quote are:

  • Are angles being used for the corners? What type of angles are they?
  • Is a specified system recommended?
  • How many coats are being applied?
  • Make sure they using the same brand throughout the job? (more then one brand will impact warranties)
  • Are you getting a warranty for materials as well as labour?
  • Make sure the tradesman is licensed.
How hard is it to render my house? Can I do it myself?

To become a Renderer requires a four year apprenticeship, so to pick up a hawk and trowel and attempt it yourself may be a challenge. However, there are products on the market such as Concote (an acrylic bagging system) which make it easier for home renovators to do it themselves.

How long should it take?

Every job is different but generally rendering a front façade could take about a week and the whole house perhaps a month. With acrylic products a job should be done in a third of the time compared to sand and cement.

How long do I have to wait before I can paint or texture the render?

Curing time for traditional sand and cement is 28 days, whereas acrylic renders which are supplied at RTP have a curing time of 48 hours.   This can be a huge cost saving especially if scaffolding is involved.

Can I get a warranty?

Yes. Check with your tradesman for a workmanship guarantee. Manufacturers supply individual job specific warranties.

How long does acrylic render last?

With a full specified system you can achieve up to a 10 year warranty.

Where can I find a Renderer?

We can provide a list of Renderers that operate in your area, always ask to see examples of their work and their qualifications.

How do I maintain my house once it is rendered and/or textured?

The only maintenance required would be to keep the surface clean. This is generally done with a low water pressure cleaner.