Euromix Render Supplies In Sydney

Founded by experienced renderers, plasterers and painters in 2001, Euroset Trading was established to fulfill a need for high-performance materials that could form a complete finishing system.

Enter the Euromix® Render, Bond and Patch range. Designed by industry professionals for ultimate practicality, the Euromix® range is favoured for its usability, durability and appearance. It has been carefully manufactured for application over most substrates, including concrete, clay, cement, plasterboard, PVC, fibre cement sheeting and expanded polystyrene. Explore our Euroset products below.

Euromix® Render

Acrylic-modified cement mixture suitable for interior and exterior use, the Euromix® Render range delivers decorative, weather-resistant finishes over most substrates. Formulated with a unique blend of mineral fillers and additives, Euromix® renders offer superior crack resistance and flexibility to standard site-mixed alternatives. Apply alone or within a multi-layered rendering system.

Prepare & Repair With Euromix®

Set up for success with Euroset. A polymer-based compound that rectifies sheet substrates, Euromix® Patch can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. You can also achieve optimal results with Euromix® Bond, a liquid acrylic additive which is mixed with your render to boost its adhesive, compressive and chemical strength.

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