Masonry & Concrete Waterproofing With Drizoro

Concrete absorbs moisture, which in turn causes wear and tear on your building’s structure. With the most comprehensive range of concrete waterproofing products available, Drizoro has designed cement-based coatings to protect porous surfaces against negative and positive hydraulic pressure.

Manufactured using only the highest quality raw materials in accordance with Australian and World Standards, these products will ensure your structure is shielded from the elements. Discover the range today with Render Texture Panels, Sydney’s leading Drizoro suppliers.

Concrete Waterproofing Membranes

Blocking water ingress through building surfaces is a critical step in preventing structural damage. Drizoro’s masonry and concrete waterproofing products provide total protection against positive and negative hydraulic pressure. Once cured, these polymer-modified, cement-based mixes create a flexible waterproofing membrane for lasting defence.

Preparation & Repair

Suitable for use on concrete, masonry, plaster and render, Drizoro sealants and bonding agents are designed to prepare and repair surfaces for optimum performance. Whether you need to seal joints and cracks, bolster water and chemical resistance, or apply an anti-fracture membrane between finishing coats and substrates subject to thermal movement, Drizoro has a product for your project.

Efflorescence Removal

Extract mineral salt deposits from concrete, plaster, brick and other masonry substrates with Drizoro Efflorescence Rid. Once applied, this industrial-strength solution is designed to penetrate the surface and liquify salt within, drawing it out to be washed off. Non-flammable and environmentally-friendly, this efflorescence remover is safe for use without protection equipment.

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