Champagne Finish on Beer Budget

The homeowner and builder can ultimately have more control over the finished render system than the renderer. A restricted project budget does not have to mean a below grade finish, but there does need to be reasonable acceptance of compromising an expected level of finish against the dollars spent to achieve it.

It is widely accepted that rendering a home is still considered the most worthwhile and cost-effective way to increase the value and improve the aesthetics & other elements of a home.

However, there is a myriad of factors that need to be considered when quoting a render finish. Some of the labour and material considerations are as follows:

  • Type & nature of the building substrate
  • Substrate installation
  • Structural or surface issues
  • Preparation requirements – surface & surrounds
  • Coating requirements to influence a uniform background & assist to disguise background imperfections.
  • Architectural intricacies and building design.
  • Product and finishing choice
  • Location and site access
  • Environmental factors that may impact on the process, the finish or the longevity of the system.
  • Measures to reduce the effects of such factors as sidelight, joint visibility etc.
  • Time constraints, project coordination and flow
  • Renovation or new construction
  • Colour samples
  • Experience, skill, professionalism, workmanship, reliability and service offered.

In addition, some product manufacturer’s have developed variations to their product systems as a guide to the level of finish options that make it easy to account for some of the technical and aesthetic properties of chosen finishing systems. These can include flexibility, aesthetics, water tightness, care and maintenance and efficiency. Render products are not miracle products and renderers are not magicians and these considerations can give all stakeholders more mutual accountability over the anticipated outcome.

Let’s face it…the majority of contractors take significant pride in their work and want a great outcome as much as the investor does. However there is only so much they can surrender in order to meet expectations.

The best measures to take in comparing quotes is to receive comprehensive detail in the quote stating all aspects of the scope of works to be completed as well as clear & mutually cooperative communication about the logic.

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