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Who builds in foam? EPS building system confidence.

Sydney’s construction industry is increasingly embracing the use of quality expanded polystyrene building systems.  These lightweight, energy efficient systems are ideal for the renovations, extensions and first floor additions prevalent in the city. Its versatility,...
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Astec DINCEL system. Products in store!

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BOSTIK Products now in-store!

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Why we can’t choose your colour for you…

Why we can’t choose your colour for you… Colour can be the hardest part of the building process!  The overwhelming confusion (and exhaustion) on the faces of customers bringing their array of potential choices into store affirms this regularly! Sometimes clients will...
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Confusing Product Words

What terms do you need to constantly clarify?
Acrylic render…

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The theory behind cement based patching compounds

Why would you use a cement based product to patch the joints of a cementitious substrate like blue board? The impact of typical settlement, subsidence and expansion and contraction, combined with the rigid nature of this type of wall panel can be most evident at the...
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A Champagne Finish on a Beer Budget

The homeowner and builder can ultimately have more control over the finished render system than the renderer.  A restricted project budget does not have to mean a below grade finish, but there does need to be reasonable acceptance of compromising an expected level of...
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Is your next project in a Bush Fire Attack Zone?

Did you know?  Construction in Bush Fire Attack Zones require compulsory specification elements and additional building regulation compliance.  The good news is that you don’t have to compromise your budget or project efficiency to achieve this! RTP provides for...
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Winter Coats

The winter months mean longer curing times for render & longer drying times for texture.  Southern walls are particularly uncooperative.  Here are a few factors and a few tips to keep in mind: Product Choice Avoid render products based on grey cement.  The lower...
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What is a Substrate?

Some examples of generic substrate terms include: masonry, off-form concrete, expanded polystyrene, extruded polystyrene, EPS, brick, block, blue board, fibre cement sheeting, hebel, aerated concrete, insitu formwork… A substrate is a solid substance or medium...
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